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AIRWAY - Beyond The Pink Live CD+7"




One of three in a series of deluxe packaged reissues of extremely rare and unreleased material from LAFMS. Each comes in a heavy duty full color gatefold 7” jacket, with inserts, etc., numbered and limited to 700 copies each: “state of the art packaging quality and attention to detail.” “Airway started in 1977 as a plot by Joe Potts to subliminally program audiences behind the cover of a chaotic wall of sound. To create the wash of ear-splitting noise, all of the instruments, Vetza’s vocals, and the subliminal implants are mixed together and processed through a daisy-chain of flangers, phase-shifters, delays and distortions. Then the super-charged signal is blasted through guitar amps carefully placed to maximize the ricochet of sound from wall to wall. Airway kicks the notion of ‘loud’ up to a whole new level.”

Includes a CD recording of Airway live at Beyond The Pink festival from 1998 with the LAFMS alumni, including Jerry Bishop, Don Bolles, Dennis Duck, John Duncan, Pierre Bamboo Dupuy, Ace Farren Ford, Kevin Laffey, Mike Kelley, Don Lewis, Fredrik Nilsen, Rick Potts, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, Melinda Ring, Captain Alan Schuck, Richard Snyder, Vetza, Liz Young. Also includes a reproduction Airway 7” from 1977 (with separate sleeve) and a CD-ROM movie of “Airway at Beyond The Pink” and “Mother/Daughter”, plus Airway documentation (flyers, ephemera, etc.) in PDF format.

2 001
Track Listing: 

A - Airway
B - Airway

Live at Beyond The Pink (February 14, 1998)

2 Quick-Time movies:
1) Airway
2) Mother/Daughter
PDF document that contains:

  • Airway movie
  • Beyond The Pink poster
  • Airway poster for original 7” (1977)
  • Airway LP “autopsy” cover art (1978)
  • Airway discography
  • Gallery Lumani Exhibition, Tokyo
  • Select bibliography
  • Cover art for Atelier Peyotyl (Japan) (1982)
  • Poster for Airway Live At Otis Art Institute (1978)
  • Airway statement in Beyond The Pink Program
  • Airway Live At Lace announcement (1978)
  • Photos of Vetza and Joe Potts (1978)
  • Ten Commandments Of Painting
  • Airway T-Shirts (1978)
  • Mother/Daughter original label art (1979)

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