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Bpeople - Petrified Conditions 1979-1981 LP



Sealed archival copies of this out of print LP by the art-rock-punk ensemble Bpeople from Los Angeles. Bpeople, who existed between 1978 and 1982, featured LAFMSers Tom Recchion and Fredrik Nilsen, and also featured Alex Gibson and Pat Delaney (formerly of the Deadbeats). Originally formed in 1978 as Curtain with future Swans leader Mike Gira, the band quickly changed their name to Little Cripples, then to Strict IDs, and finally settled on Bpeople in 1979.  They played tons of shows and had the privilege of playing with many of the leading art-rock, punk rock, and post-rock musicians and groups of the day: Captain Beefheart, B-52’s, Gang of Four, Suicide, New Order, DNA, Cabaret Voltaire, Dead Kennedys, DOA, Sleepers, Middle Class, and the Germs among others and formed the core of the legendary ASB, a loose affiliation of like-minded Los Angeles bands that included Human Hands, Monitor, and NON. Little know factoid: They were tapped to open for Joy Division in 1980 before Ian Curtis committed suicide on the eve of that bands US tour.

“Petrified Conditions—a full album of original recordings (some, but not all, previously issued on Bpeople EP and other vinyl) remixed in 1984-'85 by Alex Gibson and Paul B. Cutler—is a…convincing introduction to Bpeople's artsy sophistication. The sonic and stylistic variety is impressive, and Gibson's songwriting displays structural abilities far beyond the punk club milieu in which the band existed. A worthwhile archaeological find.”—Trouser Press

Now out of stock, last remaining copies.

1 986
Track Listing: 

Side A

  • Special Kind Of Fun
  • Can Can't
  • I Said Everybody
  • The World's The Arrow
  • Give-Up
  • Persecution, That's My Song
  • The Thing

Side B

  • I Said Everybody (Version Two)
  • You At Eight
  • In The Mind
  • Weather To Worry
  • MPCD

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