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Dennis Duck - Dennis Duck Goes Disco CD or 2LP

Dennis Duck



Available on gatefold double LP or CD.

“Dennis Duck Goes Disco” was originally released in September 1977 as LAFMS 2425 in a limited edition of 20 cassettes, individually signed and numbered. This exacting CD reissue features a great booklet with new liner notes by Dennis, and design by longtime friend Tom Recchion. The album was made entirely with a phonograph and records, utilizing skipping and pitch changes for most of the effects.

Duck is perhaps best loved for his tenure with Smegma and The Doo-Dooettes but he is also known as a drummer for The Dream Syndicate and Human Hands as well as working with Stillife, Paul Is Dead, and The Square Haircuts among others. However, “Dennis Duck Goes Disco” may well prove to be his most historically potent release. Recorded using nothing but turntables and vinyl, Duck uses his skills as a free drummer to manipulate stuck grooves, needle blats, analogue static and scratched discs into melodic/percussive assemblages that cross that daffy early-LAFMS style with very psychedelic miniatures, Industrial tone-poems, computerised number stations threat and funny vocal skits. Aspects of both Christian Marclay and Emil Beaulieau are flashed on here and there but overall this feels very much like a record made by a drummer using records. Anyone intent on chasing down the various manifestations of the legendary LAFMS movement will want to spend extended time in here. Reissue artwork and packaging by Tom Recchion. “DDGD is probably the LAFMS release I listened to the most.”--Ace Farren Ford

2 006
$10.00 CD/$15.00 LP
Track Listing: 
  1. Intro
  2. Do The Fence
  3. 4xie
  4. Nice Shave
  5. French Numbers
  6. Chatter-Walk
  7. Miracle Zone
  8. One O Clock Jump
  9. Jingle
  10. Outro
  11. Tree
  12. Tom Speaks
  13. The Pants Story
  14. All Skate
  15. Bediboop
  16. Son Of Kontiki

CD $10

Double LP $15

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