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Final days for LAFMS exhibit; final concert line-up; Mike Kelley wake info

on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 15:58

This Thursday at The Box, from 6:30-9:30pm is the final free concert in celebration of the exhibition, "Beneath The Valley of The Lowest Form of Music: The Los Angeles Free Music Society (1972-2012)" which closes Saturday, Feb. 25. (The gallery will be open Wed through Friday 12-6pm and Saturday 12-9:30pm).

The concert features:

  • The Jrks (Joe Berardi, Rich West, Kira Vollman)
  • Oolies (Tom Boram, J.P. Jenkins, Mitchell Brown)
  • Rahdunes
  • Joe & Joe (Joe Potts, Joseph Hammer)
  • with Rick Potts on altered turntables between sets.


The exhibition will close on Saturday Feb. 25.  There are no performances scheduled for that evening, rather guests are invited to attend a 24-hour screening of Mike Kelley videos at The Farley Building in Eagle Rock.  See below for more information.

For The Love Of Mike: 24 Hours of Mike Kelley Videos

9pm Saturday, Feb 25th to 9pm Sunday, Feb 26th

Farley Building, 1669 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles 90041