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John Duncan - First Recordings 1978-1985 V1.2 5xLP/1x7" Box

John Duncan

Vinyl On Demand (Germany)
Box Set

A follow up to Duncan’s First Recordings 1978-1985 (V1.1) also available here, this five LP, one 7” box set contains more early material from this music pioneer. Limited, numbered edition of 600 copies.

$10 postage surcharge added to domestic orders; international customers please get in touch for rates.

2 012
Track Listing: 

A side: Organic (1979)
B side: Creed (1980) & Kokka (1982/3)
C side: Music You Finish (1982)
D side: Supplement (1983)
E/F sides: Riot (1984)
F side: Probe (1983)
G side: Move Forward (1984)
H side: CV Massage - Brutal Birthday Soundtrack (1985)
I side: Phantom (1985)
J side: Purge (1985)
K side (7"): CV Massage - Sea Chantey & Naked (1987)
L side (7"): Doo-Dooettes - Close Radio (edit) (1978)


Side A was performed at Sound concert series Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (LAICA). Previously released asAQM201/LAFMS09. 
Side B tracks 1 to 5 previously released as AQM202. Track B5 is the recording of an event for live radio talkshow with therapist Dr. Toni Grant, broadcasted in Los Angeles over KABC and nationwide over the ABC radio network. 
Side B tracks 6 to 10 previously released as AQM203. 
Side C previously released on Music - You Finish. 
Side D previously released on Supplement. 
Side E and side F tracks 1 to 3 recorded at Unomori, Tokyo. Track F3 is taken from a performance at Tengoku Chiyushiya Festival, Hibiyakoen Outdoor Amphitheatre, Tokyo 08/1983. Previously released as AQM204. 
Side F track 4 written and mixed in 1984. A different shorten version was released on Assemblée Générale 5 in 1985. 
Side G is a soundtrack to Move Forward Film Event at Plan B, Tokyo 1984. Previously released on Pleasure Escape in 1985. 
Side H recorded live at Strange Fruits, Tsurumaki Onsen, Japan 1985. Previously released on AQM106. 
Side I previously released on AQM107. This is the longer version, created for a longer video - the first attempt at a re-edit of John See Videos, as the commercial releases were intended to be modified by users - this suffered so badly from VHS-to-VHS signal loss that all colours were gone before it reached the final edit. 
Side J recorded, written and mixed at Unomori, Tokyo. Previously released on Journey Into Pain (wrongly stated as "Live Anti Club Los Angeles"). 
Side K recorded 1978. Previously released on LAFMS: The Lowest Form Of Music. 
Side L recorded live on 7th of March 1979. Previously released on LAFMS: The Lowest Form Of Music 10CD box set.

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