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LAFMS veteran VETZA makes video appearance on Ear Meal

on Thu, 04/26/2012 - 19:34

Vetza is a multi-talented artist who has full control over a range of disciplines including classical instrumentation, experimental sound improvisation, voice and theater. She is an innovator representing the LA Arts community in the international art world. Vetza is an original member of the LAFMS. She is a writer, composer and so much more. Check out her recent appearance with multi-talented percussionist Ted Byrnes on Ear Meal.

“What if I have nothing to say? Sing play cello act write love and lovers home children a husband read and write that’s evident even spell if I want to and in a few languages…..ocassionally wrote not the needed rewrites of plays that hide or are hidden a journal secrets I can act Oregon Shakespeare South Coast Rep. Minneapolis San Francisco San Jose New York San Diego LA My cats my garden call to me now I am experimenting concocting loving my life always the music”.

Visit her new website too: