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UNCANNY VALLEY: LAFMS Festival in Gent Belgium June 8-11

on Thu, 04/07/2016 - 10:53

"UNCANNY VALLEY: The Los Angeles Free Music Society and their legacy"

June 8 – June 11 in Gent Belgium 

The LAFMS is pleased announce UNCANNY VALLEY, a new festival this June in collaboration with Kraak, SMAK and 019, celebrating the open marriage between underground music and the visual arts. For this first edition the focus is on the legacy of the legendary neo-dada art pranksters of The Los Angeles Free Music Society.

The festival will see the only European show by Extended Organ, the project of (in)famous visual artist Paul McCarthy with Joe Potts,Tom Recchion, Fredrik Nilsen, David Toop and Alex Stevens. The only Belgian show of Wolf Eyes, who will also join LAFMS supergroup AIRWAY (with Aaron Moore), Volcano The Bear and many, many more. There will be an expo at 019 focusing on the LAFMS flyers and posters archive, a panel talk at SMAK with all present members moderated by David Toop and screenings of LAFMS video work curated by Floris van Hoof. Check the complete line-up below and book your travel now for this one time only happening of avant-garde weirdness. 


Shows by Extended Organ / Wolf Eyes / Volcano The Bear / Waxy / David Toop & Tom Recchion / AIRWAY (featuring Wolf Eyes, Vetza & Aaron Moore) / Calhau! / Nate Young / Human Heads / Rick Potts & Joe Potts / 696 Blues Band / Manuel Padding / John Olson / Vom Grill + Artforms In Nature (expo at 019) + panel talk moderated by David Toop (at SMAK). Weektickets are 30 euro in presale.

Facebook event page with detailed line-up, ticketing information, and other useful info.

The LAFMS wishes to thank lead organizer Wouter Vanhaelemeesch for all his hard work and dedication to make this event happen!