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UPDATED: Bonus LAFMS concert this Friday at the Box

on Wed, 02/15/2012 - 23:11

The line up has changed for the concert this coming Friday, Feb. 17; here is the final line up: 

  • Points of Friction (Damian Bisciglia, Tim Alexander, Joseph Hammer, Mitchell Brown)
  • Albert Ortega
  • Destroy Date (Eddie Nervo)
  • Small Drone Orchestra (Wild Don Lewis - bass, synth; Eddie Nervo on 2nd bass)
  • Artzenkraft (John Lewis, solo extended guitar)

Also, the show starts earlier than previously posted. The show runs from 6:30 - 10pm, donation accepted.


As a reminder, Thursday February 16 features a panel discussion led by noted Los Angeles composer and long time LAFMS associate Carl Stone, who will be speaking with LAFMS founders Ace Farren Ford, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion, and Vetza.  That starts at 7:30pm.

Beneath the Valley of the Lowest Form of Music: The Los Angeles Free Music Society (1972-2012) is open now through Feb 25 at The Box LA, 805 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90013 (213-625-1747), Wednesday through Saturday 12-6pm, or by appointment. This show is not to be missed! It is full of kinetic motion activated homemade instruments, photographs, sculpture, installations, paintings, archival materials, films, flyers, a record store and more by members of the LAFMS. Artworks by Rick Potts, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, Fredrik Nilsen, Joseph Hammer, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Ace Farren Ford, Michael Intriere, Doug Henry, Chip Chapman, John Duncan, Kevin Laffey, Dennis Duck, Extended Organ and more are featured.

Here is a link to an extensive web gallery of the installation:

Also available at the store is an exclusive edition of the occasional LAFMS publication "Lightbulb". Containing photocopy-process works of art and other items from over 87 contributors all over the world, in addition to an exact replica of the 1981 double cassette compilation, "Lightbulb 4: Emergency Cassette". Limited to an edition of 200 boxed copies worldwide.